While some people may look at a post in a log home and say to themselves "well that's just a log", we see things a little differently here at Log N Iron. In fact, like you, we know that while that "log" serves as an important function within a home or structure, we also know that each log can have its own unique beauty as well. Which is why, at Log N Iron, we offer multiple combinations of different wood species, profiles, finishes, and styling to make sure that each log component lives up to its real beauty and potential. So whether it's a rafter supporting a roof, a joist bearing a floor, or a purlin tying trusses together; We'll make sure that, not only will you be getting the kind of strength and brawn that is needed for your specific application, but also the kind of character and beauty that you and your home demand. Available in multiple species of wood. Variable profiles (i.e. from square to round). Custom notching to fit most any application


Get the look of full log siding at a reduced cost with our unique full log corners!

Use our 1/2 or 1/4 log siding and our specialty full log corners to get the look of a full log wall. Contact us today to learn more!

Walls & Siding

Full Log Homes

When it comes to full-log walls there is no better system than a milled Swedish cope, which is exactly the technique we use here at Log N Iron. Furthermore, between our proprietary precision tooling, a sealing and fastening method that is second-to-none, and a number of different profile options to choose from, you’ll be confident in knowing you’re getting the best. Full log homes with Swedish cope wall logs and saddle notch corners available in 8”, 10”, or 12” diameters. 

Full log walls are available with full log or butt & pass corners 

 ½ Log Swedish Cope Siding

If a log siding is more what you're looking for then our Swedish cope ½ log siding with full-log corners or butt & pass corners. You'll get that same authentic look as the full log system with great fit and function. 1/2 log Swedish cope siding is available for a whole house or you can finish your dormers and gables with the same look as your walls.

Our 3x8 1/2 log siding is offered with our new full log corner system with no flats or coping, just a full round tail is all you see. Very affordable and easy to install.

¼ log tongue-and-grove siding

¼ log tongue-and-grove siding with vertical log corners is a great and economical way to give your home that log look. You'll get that same authentic look as the full log system with great fit and function at more affordable price. 

Our 2x8 1/4 log siding is offered with our new full log corner system with no flats or coping, just a full round tail is all you see. Very affordable and easy to install.


Lap Siding

Looking for a more conventional look but still want the natural beauty of a wood exterior? Our Log N Iron lap siding is easy to install and will bring warmth and character to your home or building. Enjoy the deep texture and tones of our milled northern white cedar while maintaining a clean and uniform look with a variety of sizes to choose from. See more from the options below.

We offer 2 styles of lap siding for our 3/4” beveled lap and a very rustic and natural edge wavy lap siding. See the natural edge below.

Board & Batten Siding

If you’re looking to give your home a traditional cottage look that’s both beautiful and resilient, then Log N Iron Board and Batten siding is a great choice. Much like the lap siding , board and batten is easy to install and will give your home the rich and classic look that wood siding delivers for years to come. View the options below to find the style that’s right for you.



Butt & Pass Corners

Available on full log walls & ½ Log Swedish Cope Siding

Full Log Corners

Available on full log walls, ½ Log Siding & ¼ log siding

Natural Edge Lap 

Available in various sizes.

Finish Options


Our milled logs are cut, processed, and fitted to ensure a consistent assembly every time. Also, with a milled profile, you're getting the beauty and character that every exposed log will reveal while still maintaining a uniform style that will tie in well with most any home or decor.

Hand Hewn

Our custom, hand hewn logs can add some old world charm to your brand new home or addition. In fact, you can't get a more old fashion or authentic touch with any other profile. And unlike other manufacturers, Log N Iron delivers the consistency and fit of the milled Swedish cope, with the rustic exterior of a hand hewed log.

Hand Peeled

With a hand peeled profile, you're exposing all the natural characteristics and undisturbed beauty a log has to offer. These logs are preserved the way Mother Nature intended them. In fact, between the knots, tones, and natural taper, you're experiencing a log in its rawest and most organic form.

Rough Sawn

If you are looking for a truly old fashion look then a rough-sawn timber is the way to go. This style is so reminiscent of pioneer days you might just think you've traveled back to the gold rush era. Full of saw marks and rough edges, you'll fully appreciate the authentic look of this profile.

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