We offer a full line of log and timber trusses from our specialty notching system that gives you full round logs with radius fit notches to give you full bearing support, along with a low tolerance fit to give the beauty you want.

We offer the same fitting process in shed style porches, hips, valleys, and ridge areas of your roof structure. We can fit our deco trusses to fit inside your existing conventional scissor truss or raftered roof.  Custom plates can be fabricated to structurally and decoratively tie your trusses together. Mortise and tendon joinery is also available

We offer our log and timber trusses in many varieties to suit the look and feel as well as structural application you need. See some popular truss styles below. If you have an idea not listed blow, contact us and we can design and fabricate your vision. 

Truss Styles

King Trusses

King & Queen Trusses

Radius Web Trusses


W Style Trusses

Dormer Trusses

Truss & Rafter


Scissor Trusses

Diamond Web

Mono Trusses


Custom Design Features


Extended Rafter


Extended Chord


Finish Options


Our milled logs are cut, processed, and fitted to ensure a consistent assembly every time. Also, with a milled profile, you're getting the beauty and character that every exposed log will reveal while still maintaining a uniform style that will tie in well with most any home or decor.

Hand Hewn

Our custom, hand hewn logs can add some old world charm to your brand new home or addition. In fact, you can't get a more old fashion or authentic touch with any other profile. And unlike other manufacturers, Log N Iron delivers the consistency and fit of the milled Swedish cope, with the rustic exterior of a hand hewed log.

Hand Peeled

With a hand peeled profile, you're exposing all the natural characteristics and undisturbed beauty a log has to offer. These logs are preserved the way Mother Nature intended them. In fact, between the knots, tones, and natural taper, you're experiencing a log in its rawest and most organic form.

Rough Sawn

If you are looking for a truly old fashion look then a rough-sawn timber is the way to go. This style is so reminiscent of pioneer days you might just think you've traveled back to the gold rush era. Full of saw marks and rough edges, you'll fully appreciate the authentic look of this profile.

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